Liquid cooling for your gaming PC – 3 reasons why you should consider

Liquid cooling for your gaming PC

PCs, especially gaming PCs, require cooling systems to get rid of the heat produced by the system components during use. Excess heat generated while usage may cause damage to system components and impair performance. In addition to removing heat from the system, the CPU or GPU cooling system also increases the lifetime of computer components by subduing them at a safe level.

You need a cooling system for your PC regardless of the kind of gaming PC you wish to create.

There are two cooling methods for gaming desktop - Air Cooling and Liquid Cooling

Air cooling - Image credit: Cooler Master
  • Air Cooling
    Air Cooling uses cooling fins, fans, or finned coils to blow cool air into the system when natural convection is not well sufficient to remove the heat from the system. In this method, heat is dispersed into the system, which is not seen as a good way to keep the system’s temperature low.
  • Liquid Cooling
    Liquid cooling is also known as water cooling or AIO (All in One) cooling for CPUs and GPUs. In liquid cooling, the water transfers heat much more efficiently than air. In this method, the liquid is used to remove the heat generated by components of the system in a pack and then ejects that heat to an attached heat sink. It is a preferred way nowadays, and we have All-in-One (AIO) coolers and custom cooling loops to keep your system up to par.  

Here are why you should consider liquid cooling for your desktop gaming PC

  • Water cooling is more efficient than air cooling
    Water cooling or liquid cooling is considered a more efficient way of cooling. It is because of the higher thermal conductivity property of water compared to the air. In water cooling, the liquid constantly flows through the routes to keep the temperature consistent in your system and avoid overheating. Water cooling is suitably best for overclocking as overclocking running with a higher clock speed tends to increase performance operations per second and increases the heat generated by the system.
  • Less noise and looks cool
    Liquid Cooling is a better way to cool your system because water transfers heat much more efficiently than air. Also, it makes the PC run quieter because there are no fans that run at high RPM, especially under intense gaming sessions.
  • Suitable for tropical climate weather
    Liquid cooling is preferred over air cooling in tropical climate weather, especially in Singapore or some South East Asia countries, where humidity and high temperatures are usual.


To sum up for you, here are some of the advantages of liquid cooling over air cooling.
  1. Higher Level of Efficiency
  2. Less Noise
  3. Maintain Cooling Temperature over Time
  4. Consumption of Less Space
  5. Improve OverClocking Potential
Undoubtedly, liquid cooling is more efficient, silent, and effective in keeping your computer from overheating, even if you’re overclocking or putting it through additional stressors.
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