How To Custom Your Desktop With Rainmeter

Welcome to the world of custom desktop! If you’re looking to elevate your computer’s interface beyond the standard icons and wallpapers, Rainmeter is your go-to solution. This powerful tool transforms your desktop into a dynamic and interactive workspace tailored to your needs. Why settle for a generic desktop when you can customize it? With Rainmeter, you can display a wide array of live data directly on your desktop—ranging from system health stats to weather forecasts—all while keeping your aesthetic preferences in mind. The beauty of Rainmeter lies in its flexibility; whether you’re a casual user or a hardcore enthusiast, Rainmeter has something for everyone. Throughout this guide, we will dive deep into how you can use Rainmeter to create a […]

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Choosing the Best i7 Processor for Your Custom Gaming PC

The processor is arguably the most important piece of a powerful PC when it comes to the realm of gaming. That tiny chip is what drives your game performance, crunches complex simulations, and makes sure that every jump, sprint, or fight is lifelike. Within the realm of the dominant processor class, Intel’s Core i7 is the shining star: it kind of shows how to get to the very tip of the performance spectrum with your custom rig. The i7 is not just a processor: it is the key to unlock ultra-high settings in games, get your frame rates nice and silky smooth, and embark on immersive gaming experiences that blur the line between game and reality. Choosing the right i7

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Why Is Your Gaming Computer Using 40-50% of RAM While Idle?

In the world of high-performance computing, especially when it comes to gaming computers, RAM (Random Access Memory) plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth, uninterrupted gameplay and overall system responsiveness. However, many gamers and computer enthusiasts have noticed that their rigs tend to use a substantial amount of RAM, around 40-50%, even when idle. This phenomenon can be puzzling and sometimes concerning, as it seemingly reduces the amount of memory available for demanding tasks like gaming, content creation, or software development. Understanding why this happens and how to optimize RAM usage is crucial for maintaining a gaming computer’s health and ensuring it performs at its best. This blog post aims to explain the reasons for high idle RAM usage. It

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Gaming PC: How To Fix Frame Drops Due To Low CPU/GPU Usage

Many PC gamers have frame drops. They have them despite having a high-performance PC. This is confusing and frustrating. Imagine this: you’re in the middle of an intense gaming session, your adrenaline is high, and suddenly, the game starts stuttering, causing you to miss that critical shot. Yet, a quick glance at your system’s CPU and GPU usage shows that neither is being pushed to its limits. This scenario is far from rare and has left many gamers scratching their heads in search of a solution. Frame drops with low CPU and GPU usage can occur for a myriad of reasons, each affecting your gaming experience in unique ways. This blog post aims to demystify the causes behind these performance

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Troubleshooting Low CPU Usage For Your Gaming PC

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of any PC gaming, ensuring that the game runs smoothly and interactively at any game one tries on the computer. High CPU usage usually will make someone think of overheating and throttling; however, looking for issues with low CPU usage can be quite alarming and will give us the idea that the system is not reaching the full capacity. Understanding the CPU usage during a game is very essential for optimized performance simply because it has an effect on everything within a game, right from smoothness to times of response. Too little use of the CPU might mean system incapacity, GPU bottlenecks, or other settings that might cripple game performance and frame

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The Best Things of Having Custom Made Gaming PC

In a world of evolving technologies and where man’s quest for the best experience never stops, the only thing that stands unmatched is the allure of a tailor-made gaming PC. Custom-building a PC means gamers can individually tailor and tune every single part of the system according to the precise needs and wants, rather than buying a readymade solution. \What makes it individualistic is the fact that it not only enhances gaming experience but also instills pride and ownership in the build. In this article, we continue introducing the universe of custom gaming PCs and are going to review some of the many benefits that can be provided by this powerful machine, from top performance to pleasure in creating something

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Laptop CPU Reaching 90 Degrees While Gaming: How To Fix

Gaming on laptops has seen a remarkable evolution, with devices now packing the power to run high-end games that were once the sole preserve of desktop PCs. However, this leap in performance comes with its own set of challenges, notably in managing the heat generated during intense gaming sessions. An alarming scenario that many gamers encounter is their laptop’s CPU temperature soaring to 90 degrees Celsius or beyond. Such high temperatures are not just mere numbers; they signify a potential risk to the performance and longevity of the laptop. Understanding the implications of these temperatures, recognizing the signs of overheating, and knowing how to address this issue are crucial for every gamer. This post aims to unravel the causes behind

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How To Improve Your Current Gaming PC Setup

In the dynamic world of PC gaming, having a powerful and efficient setup is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. The reason is very simple: while the developers work to come up with new possibilities in their games, visual effects, and complications of the game under consideration, the hardware necessary for smooth runs should also change. This constant march forward means that even the most expensive and modern gaming PCs will soon be years out of date. But upgrading your gaming PC setup isn’t just about chasing the latest hardware trends. We are talking about improvements in your overall gaming experience vis-à-vis hanging and chopping frames, and better immersion, respectively. Whether an individual is an ardent player and seeks various

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Building a Gaming PC? What PC Part Should You Choose First?

A building gaming PC requires the art and science to have the right components and how one chooses them in what order. This first pick can really change compatibility, performance, or even the overall budget of your build. Whether building a beast for 4k gaming or a budget rig for indie games, all starts from grabbing the right piece. This guide will navigate through the strategic selection of PC parts for your gaming setup, making sure every part is in perfect alignment with your gaming aspirations. Starting Point: The Purpose of Your Gaming PC Build Before picking any components, clearly define the purpose of your gaming PC. You could be targeting maybe the ultra-high settings on the latest AAA titles,

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Understanding CPU Frequency for Gaming: What It Means

Imagine you’re a warrior in a vast, open-world adventure, or a driver in the fastest racing simulator, each frame and scene rendered in breathtaking detail. The heart of these experiences? Your gaming rig, with its CPU (Central Processing Unit) as the maestro, orchestrating every spell cast, every tire screech. But there’s one spec that often confuses many: CPU frequency. So, let’s demystify this term and discover why it’s crucial for gaming. CPU frequency, measured in gigahertz (GHz), represents the clock speed of your CPU, essentially its rhythm. It’s the pace at which your CPU processes instructions, a key player in how smooth your gaming experience is. But, is faster always better? Or is there more to the story? This post

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