Lian Li SUP01: Custom Gaming PC Case with Back Connect Motherboard Technology

The Lian Li SUP01 is making waves in the world of custom gaming PC. With its groundbreaking back connect motherboard technology, this case redefines how we think about PC design and performance. In this post, we will delve into the innovative features of the SUP01, focusing on its unique layout, cooling capabilities, and the advantages it brings to custom PC builders. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a novice, the SUP01 offers a blend of style, functionality, and advanced technology that can elevate your gaming setup.

The Importance of Innovative Design in Custom Gaming PC

Innovation drives the gaming PC industry. As gamers demand more power, better cooling, and sleeker designs, companies like Lian Li push the boundaries of what’s possible. The SUP01 embodies this spirit of innovation, offering a unique approach to case design that prioritizes both aesthetics and performance. This is not just about creating a beautiful PC; it’s about enhancing functionality and making the building process more enjoyable and efficient.

Key Features: A Glimpse into the SUP01

At first glance, the SUP01 stands out with its clean lines, tempered glass panels, and customizable RGB lighting. However, it’s the hidden features that truly set it apart. The back connect motherboard technology, innovative GPU mounting, and efficient airflow design make it a top choice for custom builders looking for a case that combines beauty with brains.


The Lian Li SUP01 boasts a sleek, modern design with a compact footprint. Measuring 404mm x 212mm x 534mm, it fits comfortably on any desk while offering ample space for high-end components. Available in both black and white, the SUP01 uses high-quality steel and tempered glass to ensure durability and a premium look. The case supports ATX, M-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards, making it versatile for different builds.

Materials and Finish

Crafted from high-quality steel and tempered glass, the SUP01 is both sturdy and stylish. The use of these materials ensures that the case can withstand the rigors of building and everyday use while maintaining a sleek appearance. The tempered glass side panels provide a clear view of the interior, allowing users to showcase their components and custom lighting setups.

Dimensions and Compatibility

The compact dimensions of the SUP01 do not compromise its compatibility. It supports a wide range of motherboard sizes, from ATX to Mini-ITX, ensuring that users have the flexibility to choose the components that best suit their needs. The spacious interior also accommodates large GPUs and advanced cooling solutions, making it an ideal choice for high-performance builds.

Color Options

Lian Li offers the SUP01 in two classic color options: black and white. These colors not only complement the modern design of the case but also allow users to match their PC build to their personal style or existing setup. Whether you prefer a sleek black look or a clean white aesthetic, the SUP01 provides a versatile canvas for your custom gaming PC.


One of the standout features of the SUP01 is its back connect motherboard technology. This innovative design moves the motherboard’s connections to the rear, providing a cleaner and more organized build. By routing cables behind the motherboard tray, users can achieve a tidier appearance and improved airflow. This setup is compatible with several motherboard brands, including MSI’s Project Zero and ASUS’s BTF series, ensuring broad compatibility for custom builds.

How It Works

The back connect technology repositions the motherboard’s ports and connectors to the rear of the case. This design eliminates the clutter of visible cables in the main compartment, resulting in a cleaner and more visually appealing build. Additionally, this setup improves airflow within the case, as there are fewer obstructions blocking the path of cooling air.

Benefits for Cable Management

One of the primary benefits of the back connect technology is enhanced cable management. With cables routed behind the motherboard tray, builders can achieve a much neater and more organized setup. This not only looks better but also makes it easier to manage and upgrade components in the future. The reduced cable clutter also contributes to better airflow and cooling performance.

Compatibility and Flexibility

The SUP01’s back connect technology is compatible with a variety of motherboard brands and models, including some of the latest offerings from MSI and ASUS. This flexibility ensures that users can take advantage of the innovative design regardless of their preferred hardware. Whether you’re building a high-end gaming rig or a powerful workstation, the SUP01 accommodates a wide range of components.


The SUP01’s cooling system is designed to keep even the most demanding components cool. It features three distinct airflow chambers: one for the GPU, one for the CPU’s AIO cooler, and one for the motherboard. This separation ensures that each component receives optimal cooling. The case comes with three pre-installed 120mm PWM fans and supports additional cooling options, including up to a 360mm radiator. This innovative design not only enhances cooling efficiency but also contributes to the case’s sleek aesthetics.

Triple Airflow Chamber Design

The triple airflow chamber design is one of the most innovative aspects of the SUP01. By creating separate airflow paths for the GPU, CPU, and motherboard, the case ensures that each component receives fresh, cool air. This design reduces the risk of thermal throttling and allows for more efficient heat dissipation, even under heavy loads.

Pre-installed and Additional Fans

The SUP01 comes with three pre-installed 120mm PWM fans, strategically placed to maximize airflow. These fans are quiet yet powerful, providing excellent cooling performance out of the box. For users who need even more cooling, the case supports additional fan installations, including a 360mm radiator for liquid cooling setups. This flexibility allows builders to customize their cooling solution to match their specific needs.

Impact on System Temperature and Performance

Efficient cooling is crucial for maintaining system stability and performance, especially in high-performance gaming PCs. The SUP01’s innovative airflow design ensures that all components remain cool, even during extended gaming sessions. By preventing overheating, the case helps to maintain consistent performance and extend the lifespan of the hardware.

Another unique aspect of the SUP01 is its front-mounted GPU design. This positioning allows the GPU to draw in fresh air directly from the front of the case, improving cooling performance. The adjustable GPU bracket supports both vertical and horizontal mounting, providing flexibility for different build configurations. This setup is particularly beneficial for large GPUs, supporting cards up to 400mm in length.

Innovative Positioning

The front-mounted GPU design is a departure from traditional case layouts. By placing the GPU at the front, the SUP01 allows it to draw in cool air directly from outside the case. This direct airflow path helps to keep the GPU cool, even during intense gaming sessions. The adjustable bracket also provides flexibility for different build configurations, allowing users to choose the optimal positioning for their specific needs.

Advantages for Cooling

The direct airflow path created by the front-mounted GPU design significantly improves cooling performance. By drawing in fresh air from the front of the case, the GPU can maintain lower temperatures, reducing the risk of thermal throttling and enhancing overall performance. This design is particularly beneficial for high-end GPUs that generate a lot of heat.

Compatibility with Large GPUs

The SUP01 is designed to accommodate large, high-performance GPUs. The adjustable bracket supports cards up to 400mm in length, ensuring compatibility with the latest and most powerful graphics cards on the market. This makes the SUP01 an ideal choice for gamers and enthusiasts looking to build a top-tier gaming PC.

The SUP01 is equipped with a range of features that enhance its functionality and customization potential. It includes addressable RGB LED strips that can be controlled via the motherboard or built-in buttons, offering a choice of six modes and eleven colors. The case also provides ample storage options, with space for up to four SSDs and two HDDs. User-friendly features like magnetic dust filters and a comprehensive I/O panel with USB Type-C support further enhance the SUP01’s appeal.

LED Lighting Options

Customizable LED lighting is a key feature of the SUP01. The case includes addressable RGB LED strips that can be controlled via the motherboard or built-in buttons. Users can choose from six different lighting modes and eleven colors, allowing for a high degree of personalization. This feature adds a visual flair to the build, making it stand out even more.

Storage Capabilities

Storage is another area where the SUP01 excels. The case offers space for up to four SSDs and two HDDs, providing plenty of room for all your data storage needs. The storage drives are neatly tucked away in the PSU chamber and above the PSU shroud, ensuring a clean and organized build. This layout not only maximizes space but also helps to improve airflow within the case.

User-Friendly Design

The SUP01 is designed with user convenience in mind. Magnetic dust filters make it easy to keep the case clean, while the comprehensive I/O panel includes USB Type-C support, providing fast and convenient connectivity options. These features make the SUP01 a pleasure to build in and use, enhancing the overall user experience.

The Lian Li SUP01 sets a new standard in the realm of custom gaming PCs. Its innovative design, centered around back connect motherboard technology, offers a cleaner, more organized build that not only enhances aesthetics but also improves functionality. The case’s unique triple airflow chamber design ensures optimal cooling for the GPU, CPU, and motherboard, making it a top choice for high-performance gaming setups.

The front-mounted GPU design is another standout feature, providing direct airflow that helps maintain lower temperatures and boost overall performance. The case’s compatibility with large GPUs, extensive storage options, and customizable RGB lighting add to its appeal, making it versatile for various build configurations.

User-friendly features such as magnetic dust filters and a comprehensive I/O panel with USB Type-C support further enhance the SUP01’s practicality. Whether you’re a seasoned PC builder or a novice, the SUP01’s thoughtful design and robust performance make it an excellent choice for creating a custom gaming PC that stands out in both looks and functionality.

In conclusion, the Lian Li SUP01 is more than just a PC case; it’s a statement of innovation and quality. For anyone looking to build a high-performance, visually striking gaming PC, the SUP01 offers a blend of advanced technology, superior cooling, and exceptional design that is hard to beat. Explore the SUP01 today and take your custom gaming PC to the next level.

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