MSI MAG 27CQ6F 27″ WQHD 180Hz

  • Rapid VA Panel – Provides 0.5ms (GtG, Min.) response time, optimizes screen colors and brightness.
  • WQHD High Resolution – Games will look even better, displaying more details.
  • 180Hz Refresh Rate – Respond faster with smoother frames.
  • 0.5ms (GtG, Min.) Response Time – Eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates.
  • Night Vision – Smart black tuner to brighten your day by bringing out the fine details in dark areas.
  • Adaptive-Sync Technology – Tear free, stutter free, fluid gaming.
  • Less Blue Light – Use a software solution to reduce the light emission in the blue-violet region of the blue light spectrum.
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$349.00 w/GST

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The MSI MAG 27CQ6F is a 27-inch gaming monitor designed for custom gaming PC setups. It features a WQHD resolution (2560×1440) for detailed visuals, a 180Hz refresh rate, and a rapid 0.5ms response time for smooth, blur-free gameplay. The monitor includes Adaptive-Sync technology to eliminate screen tearing, customizable RGB lighting, and less blue light emission for comfortable long-term use. With its sleek design and high performance, the MAG 27CQ6F enhances your gaming experience, making it a perfect addition to any custom gaming PC build.

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blankMSI MAG 27CQ6F 27″ WQHD 180Hz
$349.00 w/GST
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