Message To The Valorant Community

Best Wishes to all

Dear All,

It has been brought to our attention on an issue pertaining to interpretation of standard rules and regulations in our recent Valorant contest.

We have hosted this community outreach contest with the one goal of bringing together people of the Valorant community, i.e. to unify us into one common passion. The contest was held with commonly accepted contest rules and regulations with emphasis for fairness and sportsmanship. We have done our best effort to state the rules but, while not trying to absolve our responsibility, we like to seek your kind understanding that it is impossible to spell out every gap in wordings. To illustrate, a literal example is that we did not state that durians cannot be brought into the venue (like hotel does), but it is commonly known not to do that. We sincerely apologise that we had the assumption that every participant is familiar with esports competition rules and not literally spelling out them should not have happened. We hope that every participant and people in the community see themselves as great sportsmen and uphold the spirit of sportsmanship. At the same time, like all others in the community, we hope that everyone can treat each other with respect and sensitivity. It is never our intention to cause drift in the community, and any disputes in our opinion should be amicably resolved.

In view of the above, we would like to offer our sincerest apologies for the vagueness in our rules and like to seek your kind forgiveness for it.

Last but not the least, in an effort to improve upon ourselves and to prevent future instances of vague interpretation of rules, we will add to our rules that any unstated rules will follow standard VCT competition rules and regulations unless otherwise stated.

Should you feel that we are lacking in any areas, please feel free to let us know. And should there be any areas that we have done well, please let us know as well so that we can do it better.

All the feedback will be greatly appreciated!

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