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Terms & Conditions

Other Terms & Conditions

Contest General Rules & Regulations

Lucky Draw Terms & Conditions

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A. Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to VOLTA PC Contest (the “Contest”) timeline contest organised by or on behalf of members of VOLTA PC PTE LTD (the “Organiser”) . These apply in addition and subject to any specific terms identified at any website or platform for the contest and in the event of any conflict the terms posted at the website or platform shall prevail:

By registering for the tournament, you admit and agree to these general terms and any special conditions that apply.

Eligibility rules for our tournament

1.1 any applicant under the age of eighteen (18) must obtain the approval of his father or legal guardian (he also provides us with the details of that consent if we wish to verify it), and the legal guardian must represent the minor to perform all actions related to the tournament that the minor cannot. It is legally possible to do it personally, otherwise we will have the right to exclude the unrepresented minor from the competition or if he wins and without the parent or legal guardian approval we have the right to exclude the minor, then we will have the right to refrain from granting him any prize

1.1 any applicant must be above the age of eighteen (18), be a Citizen of Singapore, Singapore PR or have valid Student Pass, Work Visa or Employment Pass that is granted by the Government of Singapore.

You agree that we are not obligated to accept a registration or to give any prize to any minor applicant, who does not show us the necessary legal documents to prove the validity of his representation by his father or legal guardian.

1.2 Any public members have the right to participate in the tournament if the conditions mentioned in the tournament’s terms and conditions are matched, and members may win and obtain the prizes presented in full transparency.

1.3 participants must enter competitions using their legal names. We reserve the right to refuse the eligibility for any entry that uses multiple names and asks them to return any prizes they may win.

Registration, registration methods and data

 2.1 we reserve the right to reject any contributions that are inaudible, incomplete, incomprehensible, damaged or otherwise invalid. We also reserve the right to refuse illegal, inappropriate, racial, inflammatory, or slanderous contributions, which we believe otherwise violate our reputation and commercial reputation. We are not responsible for any late, lost, or incorrectly sent subscriptions, including but not limited to, email messages that are not received due to technical issues, network congestion, or any other reason. Evidence of sending any subscription by post is not considered proof that we received it. And the only method accepted for registration is via our website at

2.2 the use of any automatic entry software or any other mechanical or electrical means that allows anyone to repeat entry in any competition is prohibited.

2.3 no one has the right to enter into the tournament more than once, and people may not enter or participate as unions or on behalf of any other person, union, group, association or company.

2.4 upon discovering that any participant or winner has committed a breach of any of the tournament’s terms and conditions and upon discovering that any person has breached any of the entry restrictions set out in the above provisions, it is possible that we may use our right to revoke that person’s eligibility and ask him to return or compensate any prize even if the prize was awarded and / or actually presented to the participant or winner concerned.

2.5 we have the full right to use any of your entered data to verify your identity. In addition, you are registered as a subscriber to our email list.

2.6 in the event that the required number of the competition is completed and the registration form is not closed for any reason, we have the full right to exclude any applicant even if he has completed the conditions required to participate in the tournament.

The tournament

3.1 every team will be given the opportunity to show up to their match. The organiser will open the lobby in the discord voice channel 30 mins before the match. The organiser will send the discord invite to the team leader. We require that you and your full team be online and in the discord voice channel at least 15 minutes prior to your match in order to check-in. If you are not online and checked in at that time, we will forfeit your team. 

3.2 we reserve the full right to make any changes or modifications without returning to the player to solve a problem.

3.3 teams will have only 10 minutes to join the game room upon the organisers request. If a team doesn’t complete 5 players in this time, the team will be disqualified.

3.4 if your opponent doesn’t show up in under these 10 minutes, the organiser will have the rights to decide to wait for the opponents or declare you the winner and allow walk through.

3.5 if a team suffers a disconnection, the player will be given 10 minutes to reconnect to the game (the team with the disconnection can request for a pause). If they have not reconnected in that time, the team will have to continue playing without that player. For qualifiers and knockout, we allow 1 substitute in the event of technical disconnection ONLY if the match hasn’t started. We do not condone the abuse of this rule, and team should only activate this in real technical issues. Abuse of this rule might result in disqualifications. 

3.6 the teams can have 1 substitutes. Players will only be considered team members if they are part of the team before the tournament starts. Team members and substitutes must be registered during contest sign up and before the registration closes.

3.7 in the event that the winning team is a premade team, and not a group of individuals (solo players), the prize will be awarded and given to the team leader who was announced by the team members. In the event that the team is a group of individuals, the prize will be divided among the members of the team.

3.8 once the tournament starts, you cannot update any team data. Players can only play in one team per tournament.

3.9 in the event that a person is registered as a squad containing one solo player, we have the full right to remove the squad and change the registered player as a solo player.

3.10 all players must respect the terms of use and privacy of the game publishers, and any behavior against this rule will be punished.

3.11 all participants shall not at any time make false or misleading statements about Volta PC Pte Ltd, including its products, management, employees, customers, suppliers, partners.


4.1 in all cases, we reserve the right to substitute the aforementioned prizes with prizes that we consider generally of equivalent value. However, we do not offer cash for non-cash prizes, and the winner must accept the prize as presented. In the event that a person under the age of eighteen wins a prize, these terms and conditions along with the terms and conditions for the tournament must be signed by the winner’s parent or legal guardian before granting the prize to him, and we reserve the right to present the award to the winner’s parent or legal guardian of the winner on behalf of the winner.

4.2 we have the right to postpone the award delivery indefinitely due to the circumstances in the country and in view of the current situation in order to ensure the safety of our implementation team and safety of the applicants.

Property rights, copyrights and distribution

5.1 any use of the game’s visual content is for marketing and advertising. “we”, Volta PC Pte Ltd, do not own any copyright but only the copyright of the tournament.



B. Other Terms and Conditions

(a) Contests (each a “Contest”) are open to all participants of at least 18 years of age with local residential addresses. If you are entering the Contest through a social media platform you must do so using your own registered account. (See A 1.1)

(b) No responsibility is accepted for any contest entries that are incomplete, incoherent, unreadable, ineligible, corrupted, misdirected, lost or delayed or are unable to be sent/ published due to technical or transmissions failures of any kind or any other reason.

(c) Participation in the Contest constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions of the Contest. Prizes will be provided in accordance with and subject to these terms and conditions. Any entry not compliant with these terms and conditions will be deemed invalid. The Organiser reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions of the Contest at any time without prior notice.

(d) Contests may require participants to ensure that his/her social media account settings allow for public view during the duration of the Contest. In the event the Organiser is unable to verify the entry due to incorrect account settings, the entry will be considered invalid and voided.

(e) Prize winners will be notified via the mode of entry submission unless otherwise stated and may be required to private message the Organiser via the social media platform of the Contest they participated in to provide their personal details (name, email and contact number) for the purposes of identity verification for prize collection.

(f) Should the winner be uncontactable, the Organiser reserves the right to award the prize to a replacement winner, forfeit the prize or donate the prize to charity.

(g) In the event of a dispute, the winner’s entitlement is subject to the sole discretion and final decision of the Organiser. The Organiser’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

(h) Items/Prizes must be taken as they are and are strictly not refundable or exchangeable for cash or extendable in validity. The management reserves the right to replace items/ prizes with items of similar value.

(i) It is a condition of entry that winners consent to the publication of their names and social media platform identifiers (in the format of username, profile picture and/or submitted photo) on the relevant social media platforms for publicity purposes.

(j) Any cost associated with entering the Contest is the participant’s responsibility.

(k) The Organiser reserves the right in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Contest.

(l) The Contest is in no way endorsed, sponsored or administered by or associated with any gaming, or other social media platform.

(m) By participating in any such Contest, participants consent to the Organiser’s use of their personal information in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contest and also agree to the Volta PC’s Personal Data Protection Policy.

(n) Any provision in the terms and conditions which is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason by any court, governmental department, body or tribunal, or in any applicable jurisdiction shall be ineffective to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability and will not invalidate or render unenforceable the remaining unaffected provisions hereof and should any provision be held invalid or unenforceable in an applicable jurisdiction such provision shall not be invalidated or rendered unenforceable in any other jurisdiction.

(o) The Contest and its terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore and all registered users and the winners agree to irrevocably submit themselves to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts in the determination of any matter or dispute arising in connection therewith.

(p) The Organiser reserves the right to select Contest winners based on the eligibility criteria it has set out in the Contest post captions, as well as outlined in the Contest terms and conditions.

(q) PRIZE COLLECTION: Selected winners will be notified via Instagram Direct Message (DM), Discord, or Whatsapp and the winners will have to submit their full name (as per NRIC) and mobile number for verification.

C. Contest General Rules & Regulations:

1. Tournament officials, be it referees or tournament organizers has the final say on all and any disputes.
  • Decisions made by the Referees are final and not
  • Each person attending the tournament must have read and accepted the rules and Ignoring it cannot be a reason put forward in case of an issue or dispute.
  • Teams are expected to check-in on the day of the tournament over Discord with tournament admins to register the team’s attendance on the day of competition.
  • Teams are expected to report to the Referee when called upon in a timely
  • Teams must report the results at the end of every game with a screenshot of the end of match screen for verification purposes.
  • Players of each team are to report for their matches within 10 minutes after being called upon. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification. (Please see point A3.1 for online qualifiers and knock offs).
  • Mode of communication will be through primarily through Discord between players and tournament officials on the day of competition. We will attempt to contact the leader through Whatsapp if the team is not responsive on Discord. Team will be disqualified if either means of communication fails or team does not respond of join the match within the stipulated timing.
2.       Tournament Format:

2.1 Single Elimination (Knockout) will be Best of one (BO1). Best of three (BO3) will be for the Grand Finals.

2.1.1 Bracket size for for Knockout to Grand Finals will be 16 teams. If there are more than 16 teams, we will perform round robin match as qualifiers on 7th and 8th January.

Update: there are >16 teams as such qualifiers on 7th Jan 2023 is activated, and 8th Jan 2023 will be marked as Single Elimination (Knockout) will be Best of one (BO1) for eighth-final. The dates are as follows:

Update 2: Due to overwhelming response to the sign ups, the contest sign up date will be brought forward to 31st Dec 2022 (instead of 5th Jan 2023).

Match Date Time
7th Jan 2023
10am to 1pm & 2pm to 6pm
8th Jan 2023
10 am to 6pm
Quarter Finals
14th Jan 2023
10am to 6pm
15th Jan 2023
10am to 12 & 1pm to 3pm
Grand Finals
15th Jan 2023
4pm to 6pm

Note:  Qualifiers may or may not be streamed and will be done exclusively online with refereeing. Teams will be randomly grouped for round robin qualifiers. 

2.1.2 After the qualifiers match on 7th Jan 2023 10am to 1pm & 2pm to 6pm, we will conduct a video call (discord) ID check to verify all team members age for the teams that are advancing. Any team member found to flout our tournament rules will cause the entire team to be disqualified. The next team will then advance.

2.1.3 All team leaders are required to screenshot and submit their end of round results in discord match channel for verification purposes.

2.2 It is a 5 (Five) Player team tournament. 

2.2.1 We allow 1 substitutes but they must be registered as team members during sign up (as stipulated in A. 3.6).

2.2.2 Members can only be substituted between maps.

2.3 The following maps are the selected and fixed map pool:

● Bind
● Haven
● Ascent
● Icebox
● Breeze
● Pearl
● Fracture

2.4 For the Best of one (BO1) match, map & side selection will be decided by a coinflip and map/side pick process. The team leaders will choose a coin side first and the referee will perform the coin flip. The winner of the coin flip (Team A) will get to choose the map while the other team (Team B) will get to choose the starting sides. Coin flip will be performed by the referee using Google Coin Flip

2.5 For the Best of three (BO3) match, map & side selection will be decided by a coin flip and map/side pick process. The winner of the coin flip (Team A) will get to choose to “Ban” a map first.

Match 1: 

● Team A bans 1 map

● Team B bans 1 map

● Map ban process continues until 1 map remains.

● Team A picks side (because Team B banned the 6th map)

Match 2: 

● Team B bans 1 map

● Team A bans 1 map

● Map ban process continues until 1 map remains.

● Team B picks side  (because Team A banned the 6th map)

Match 3:

● Coin flips again to design who gets to ban a map first

● Map ban process continues until 1 map remains.

● The other team picks side

2.6 Players are free to use any of the available agents. The same agents can be played by both teams.

2.7 Any agents  and maps released in the month of Dec 2022/Jan 2023 will be disabled/banned
and will not be allowed to use in the competition

The game will be held in a custom game lobby created by the organisers.

  • Single Elimination (Knockout), Best of one (BO1) for qualifiers & Best of three (BO3) for the Semi and Grand Finals.
  • It is a 5 (Five) Player team format with no coach joining the game as the spectator. However, the substitute is allowed to join the discord call to communicate with the referees.
  • The mode that the players will be playing in the knockout round is control. The winner of the match is the first team to win 2 rounds as per standard overwatch rules. 

  • For the  Semi and Grand Final BO3 matches, the teams will have a coin flip and the winner of the flip gets to decide which (one) mode will not be played out of these 4:

    Game Mode 1: Control
    Game Mode 2: Hybrid
    Game Mode 3: Assault
    Game Mode 4: Escort

  • The order in which the modes will be played will follow a numerical ascending order 1>2>3>4

  •  The Map Pool will be predetermined.
    Tournament Administration reserves the right to change the Map Pool at any time. The Map Pool for Control is provided below:

Busan, Ilios, Lijiang Tower, Lijiang Tower(LNY), Nepal, Oasis

  • Matches will be played on the “Competitive” Ruleset, with Kill Cam disabled.
    – Sprays, Emotes, and Golden Guns are allowed.
    – Control maps will be set to “Score to Win: 2”. There is no side selection as it will be randomly decided.
  • For all Best of one(BO1) matches, map & side selection will be decided by Tournament Administration.
  • For the Best of three (BO3) matches, map & side selection will be decided by Tournament Administration at random.
  • The Hero Selection will follow a Role Queue format: 1 Tank 2 Damage 2 Support
  • Players are free to use any of the available heroes. The same hero can be played by both teams. *update* Ramattra will not be allowed.
  • For BO3 games, teams will be required to be prepared to immediately begin the next map
    once a match has begun (i.e. the next map may begin immediately following the conclusion of the
    previous map).  There will be a 5 mins break after the first 2 games if it ends up with a 1-1 score.
3.       Roster: 
  • Only registered team members can play for the team. Every player must use their registered In-Game-Name (IGN) as per registration form.
  • Each team must present 1 player as the in-game leader(IGL). He/she is responsible for his/her team and will be responsible for all communication with the Referees.
  • Each team is capped to a maximum of 6 players, comprising of 5 main players and 1 substitute.
  • The roster is locked during the entire tournament.
  • Teams are allowed substitutions, provided if they are registered. No substitutions will be allowed after the start of a match. Teams must inform the tournament administrators of any substitutions.
  • A player cannot represent/participate in more than 1 (One) team 
4.       Cheating: 
  • No 3rd party program or software for the purpose of modifying the game functionalities or principles will be allowed.
  • Players are responsible for their actions in regards to known map or game bugs/exploits. Any Player or Team utilizing ANY exploit or bug in a map or game, unintentional or otherwise will result in disqualification.
5.       Fair Play: 
  • It is forbidden to insult, abuse or manhandle a Player or a Referee, or do damage to property that belongs to others.
  • The notion of fair play is up to the Referee’s assessment. Lack of fair play can lead to penalties or disqualifications
  • If rules are broken, Tournament Referees may apply penalties according to their judgment and discretion.
  • In order to secure a pleasant course of the game, we encourage all players to show sportsmanlike and fair conduct.
6.       Technical Regulations: 

6.1 Software and Restarts

  • The software used is the latest version of Valorant. Any updates are to be installed before the match.
  • Disconnections: In the event of any disconnections, the game will pause and the disconnected player must return to the game immediately. If a player or team decides to leave before the winner has been determined, the match will be deemed abandoned and the team that left is immediately disqualified. If the player is unable to join back within 10 minutes, the team is allowed to forfeit the match or continue without the player. (Please see point A3.5 for online qualifier and knockoffs)
  • Match restarts will only be issued if there is an issue with the game In the event this scenario happens, teams must take a screenshot of the error message received and submit it to the tournament administrators immediately to request for a match restart. The approval for a match restart will be at the sole discretion of the tournament organisers.

6.2 Game pauses

  • Teams are allowed pauses in the online qualifiers and knock offs but the team leader must highlight it for the next round. Pauses will not be allowed for the current round.
  • Teams are only allowed pauses in the Semi-finals and Grand Finals. 
  • Teams will not be allowed to pause during team fights.
  • This is split into 2 types of pauses:

Tactical Pauses: These are used for communication and strategizing. A maximum of one pause of 1 minute per half only at the start of the round. Teams must inform the tournament officials immediately during the pause. 

Technical Pauses: This is to cater to any technical or personal issues that prevents the player from competing. The team must announce the reason for the pause immediately. Tournament officials, and both teams must be notified and agree before unpausing.

6.3 Communication

  • Internal communications between teams shall be through Discord on VOLTA official discord channel only.
  • Teams are expected to maintain their battery, internet connection, etc. Any disconnection or technical difficulties arising from third party voice chats will not warrant a game-restart or pause.
  •  Teams may not request the delay of the next map due to personal breaks.

6.4 Breaks   

  • For semi final and grand finals, teams are accorded a 10 minute breaks between map

6.5  Lateness Penalties
A team will automatically forfeit their match if they are not ready to play within 10 minutes from their official  match time, or within 10 minutes of the
start of additional maps (e.g. maps 2 or 3 in a best of three series). Intentionally delaying the lobby or game start will still subject the team to penalties. The organiser’s decision will be final.

7.       Seeding for Teams

If required or deemed necessary by the organiser, teams will be seeded based on the Competitive Act Rank tier and division of the five highest-ranked members of the current Active Roster at the time of registration closing, or previous Act. Players removed from the roster before the seeding deadline or added after will not be included. Ties will be broken by the highest player division and tier, then 2nd highest player, through 5th player. If multiple teams have the exact same distribution of player ranks, the tie will be broken by highest individual player ranking, including RR. It is entirely the organisers prerogative to randomise or seed teams for groups.

8. Spectators

During a match, spectators must not give advice to players, and players must not use spectators to gain an unfair advantage.
Examples include (but are not limited to):

Using signs or hand gestures, Electronic Devices, Speaking loudly, or in a language foreign to the opponent

D. Lucky Draw Terms & Conditions:

1. Participation in Volta PC Lucky Draws

1.1 “This lucky draw (“Lucky Draw”) is organised by Volta PC Pte Ltd (“Volta PC”).

1.2 Participation in the Lucky Draw constitutes your consent to be bound by the Lucky Draw Terms and Conditions.

1.3 Volta PC’s decision on all matters and disputes concerning the Lucky Draw shall be final and binding on all participants of the Lucky Draw.

1.4 The following persons shall not be eligible to participate in the Lucky Draws:

Directors, employees of Volta PC and any other persons involved in organising, promoting and/or conducting the promotion;

1.5 By participating in the Lucky Draw, all participants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions herein and all amendments, additions, replacements and modifications as may be made by Volta PC thereto from time to time. All participants acknowledge and agree that Volta PC may use any information provided in relation to the Lucky Draw for such purpose as Volta PC may deem necessary for marketing and promotional purposes. All participants hereby provide consent for Volta PC to send them any future communications, promotional offers and information on privileges. 

1.6 Volta PC shall not be liable for any injury, loss or inconvenience arising out of or in arising out of or in connection with the Lucky Draw.

1.7 Under no circumstances whatsoever shall Volta PC be liable for any indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages that result from, or arise out of the usage of any information stated herein or the participation in the Lucky Draw. 

2. Lucky Draw Mechanics

2.1 Participation in the Lucky Draw

2.2 Prizes of Lucky Draw

  • The lucky draw will take place, and the results will be announced on January 28, 2023.
  • The winner announcement will be published on social media channels, including:
  • Volta PC may, at any time and without notice in its sole and absolute discretion, substitute any prize with any other item of a similar value.
  • Volta PC assumes no liability or responsibility for any non-delivery, non-performance or defects in the prizes.
  • The winners and/or other persons who benefit from the prize accept and enjoy the prizes at their own risk. Volta PC will not be responsible for any injuries, loss, claim or damage suffered or incurred as a result of the redemption or usage of the prizes.
  • Prizes are neither transferable nor exchangeable for cash, credits or otherwise. Qualifications and allocation of chances in the Lucky Draw.

2.3 Conduct of Lucky Draw

Eligible entrants must comply with the following contest rules:

  • Eligible individuals will be automatically entered into the lucky draw upon completion of the online form during the entry period.
  • Each participant may submit multiple entries of different receipts but he/she cannot win more than once.
  • Volta PC reserves the right to discount any fraudulent entries
    The number of winning chances attached to each survey is allocated based on Volta PC’s sole discretion and it will be reflected before the start of each activity.
  • Winners will be drawn at random via an electronic draw system, based on the lucky tickets.
  • Volta PC’s determination of the winners shall be final, conclusive and binding. No correspondence will be entertained.

2.4 Prize Redemption

  • Winners are required to confirm receipt of the prize notification from Volta PC and acceptance of the Lucky Draw terms and conditions via Social Media, Whatsapp or Email.
  • Prizes that are not won or remain unclaimed 2 weeks after the determination of the winners, or their equivalent value, shall be forfeited.
  • Photographs will be requested as receipt proofs and for marketing purposes.
3. Lucky Draw Regulations
  1. Each winner agrees to cooperate with and participate in any of our advertising or publicity activities relating to any Lucky Draw conducted, without any compensation whatsoever.
  2. Each winner agrees that Volta PC may publicise his/her name and/or his/her photograph in such mode and manner as Volta PC considers fit.
  3. Each winner agrees to disclose his/her personal data to any third party to facilitate the redemption of the Prize. All participants in the Lucky Draw expressly and irrevocably allow and authorise us to collect, use and disclose their personal data to any third parties involved in organising, promoting and conducting the Lucky Draw.
  4. Our decision on all matters relating to the Lucky Draw will be at our absolute discretion and will be final and binding on all participants. We will not entertain any correspondence. Volta PC reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the draw without any prior notice.
  5. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore and all participants agree to irrevocably submit themselves to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts. 
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